Tall Vs

Shown in Photo: Tall and Classic Vs nestled to tightly pack racks


Tall Vs: These are Classic Vs with one difference: The first bend is two inches higher. This raises the V and boat 2 inches. These are the bomb if you are trying to tightly pack multiple boats on a roof with detachable Vs. When trying to fit maximum boats on a car, it is best to overlap V tips. However, if you have detachable Vs, it is really hard to get the Vs in and out as they hit the V next to it. With these, there is no need to stager, and it is super easy to swap ends. These are also dynamite for OCs, as you can tuck your ama in tight to the hull with the available Bolt on ama Rack. You can fit 4 race boats with cross bars as short as 69 inches.