Classic Vbar with Removable Ends


The defining difference is that the “Vs” (the ends) slide out with the simple removal of a tool-less pin. The bar remains on the car. This option is for the sales person driving 1000 miles per week who wants to save on gas. It is for the urban dweller that must slide into a parking garage or the one size fits some garage at home(standard Vs rise 10.5 inches above your crossbars).  It is for the paddler whose spouse does not appreciate fully the beauty of my design. It is for the paddler who swaps between kayak/shell,OC canoe, and marathon canoe or SUP, as the specific ends can be swapped out on your rack. IE, you can pull a pin and pull off a V end, and slide in a SUP end, or marathon canoe. Another underutilized benefit is the ability to buy multiple bars, and place them on multiple cars. The down side is that the Detachable rack can rattle a little when there is no boat loaded. And, the ends are a little cantankerous to store. We use a Classic rack for everyday hauling. We keep three detachable bars on the roof so we are set up for whatever comes our way. 

The detachable is effectively the same rack as the Classic in dimensions and function. Shipping is a flat rate of $40 for the contiguous US or items can be picked up locally. See Important Fit Notes Below.

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Important Fit Notes:

Standard hardware fits most crossbars, including Aerobars. However, we can make hardware for anything. Please leave a order note (at the bottom of the checkout page) if your crossbars are more than 3.5 inches wide, or 1 inch tall?


Is this going on a hatchback or short SUV?  The bar should be centered on your crossbars. Your hatch however, may contact the bar when open. You can move the bar forward of center up to a foot, but no more. Consider a shorter bar (7 feet is plenty long for a 21 foot boat). Ideally, please consider the Hatch Back Special to minimize this.


Is your boat wider than 18 inches?  OCs, rowing shells and full competition kayaks fit best in standard Vs. Some intermediate surfskis fit better with extra wide Vs, and usually just in the back. Boats like V8, V7. V6, 520, Eze, SR, S18, Bluefin etc. Not sure? list your boat in the order note at the bottom of this page. Cliff will guide you.


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Standard Vs

Extra Wide Vs, Standard Vs, Tall Vs


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